What are Millennials?

The millennials are taking over! No, I’m not declaring war on other generations, I’m simply stating a fact. According to a recent study by Pew Research, they already make up the largest generation in America’s workforce and have an ever increasing amount of influence as older generations retire and die off. That probably comes across a bit brash, but that’s my bluntness talking no disrespect intended. In fact my sense of respect for my older peers is actually quite extensive.

As someone who has a fond appreciation for the lessons passed down to me by my older coworkers and family members, I find it somewhat disheartening when an individual retires or passes away. The Silent Generation (70-87), baby boomers (51-69), and Generation X (35-50) already have many accomplishments to be proud of. Winning World War II, landing on the moon, and the internet to name just a few. Based on there accomplishments, failures and general life experiences we associate certain characteristics with each generation and use those associations as mental shortcuts when meeting and interacting with people. This helps us process information and communicate more easily based on what generational cohort we expect the person belongs to.

But what do we millennials (19-35) have to offer? How do we measure up to previous generations and how are we perceived by the populous? Sure, I can drop names like Zuckerberg and Facebook, describe ourselves as tech savvy entrepreneurs who have an optimistic outlook on life. But what does this mean for the millennialbrothers website and the experiences, advice, and knowledge we want to share with you?

It stands to reason that if the title of the website is going to include the word “millennial” that we should probably find out exactly what that title encompasses and how that factors into personal development. This is especially true considering that much of the advice my brother and I give is based on the millennial perspective that I keep mentioning. The way we look at personal development in terms of finance, frugality, health and fitness, etc, is all based on the research, experiences, and knowledge gained during a particular time frame and under certain social and economic conditions that help to make up this perspective.

Finally, what is a millennial? According to the aforementioned study by Pew Research, a millennial is a word used to describe individuals between the ages of 19 and 35 (based on the year 2016) or those born between 1981 and 1997. It’s a term used as a means to create a generational identity for individuals in this age cohort that have shared life experiences, and have the tendency to share certain positive and negative characteristics.

For example, many millennials will have a certain perception of what it was like before and after 9-11, the election of our country’s first African American president, and the economic collapse of 2008. Furthermore we are likely to be the most educated generation to date but also are associated with massive college debt. Additionally, we tend to rent rather own and wait longer to start having children. Lastly, we are more open to change, vote more often than previous generations and have an optimistic view on life.

Needless to say, the term millennial is little more than a label and like all of the other generations many people choose not be associated with a form of generational identity. That isn’t to say the phrase isn’t important, especially when you consider how useful it is when trying to relay my perspective to that of your own. Like all generations, we see the same things but with different perspectives. Each perspective has a unique insight into what there researching, learning, and experiencing and each provides there own useful assessment of the knowledge gained. It is with this in mind that my brother and I will provide you with our own youthful and unique, but yet valuable millennial perspective. To that end it is my sincere hope that you will reciprocate, sharing your own thoughts and experiences by lending us your voice in the comments section below!




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