Welcome to Millennial Brothers!

Hello, and welcome to Millennial Brothers! This is my first blog entry into the world of personal development and I would like to personally welcome you to the website.

My name is Andrew Y. and I have an addiction to personal development. I’m always looking for ways to improve myself, be it financially, physically, or in one of the countless other aspects that we all can improve upon. My brother Josh and I created this blog as way to share our combined research and experience with other like minded individuals with the sole purpose of improving both our life’s and the life’s of our readers.

We started this blog not more than a few days ago and already the wheels are in motion. For years, Josh and I have shared knowledge and experiences with friends, family, coworkers and each other on investing, physical fitness, achieving financial independence, early retirement, managing rental properties, and a plethora of other personal development ideas. We both along with others have turned our hard work and research into tangible results that we now want to share with you.

We plan to incorporate different media into the website to include written, video, and audio content to make this website as interactive as possible. While this site is still early in development, there has been a tremendous amount of planning and forethought put into the development of this site and the type of content we want to bring to you, our reader / viewer. Our goals content wise are quite varied and diverse but contain much overlap as we are obviously brothers and share many interests. We plan to begin writing about what currently catches our interest and than focus in on high quality advice content based hopefully on feedback from readers like you!

As this website continues to develop, I hope you will stop in and take a minute to check out our blog posts. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will only serve to make me a better blogger and provide better content for you! Here’s to a great start and the development of a website that will help people develop better lives!

-Andrew Y.

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