From the other brother…


Josh here,

 Just wanted to chime in and introduce myself as well. Like my brother said, our goal is to share the experiences and combined research we have for the purpose of improving our lives and the lives of our readers.

My goal personally, is to provide people with new ways of thinking about old problems and give them ways to solve those problems. My personal interests involve personal finance, tax strategies, travel, and learning new skills. My ultimate desire is to combine the right amount of skill with the right amount of financial independence so that I can travel through life on my terms doing things that I find enjoyment in and use my actively acquired skills to help the people around me.

Most of the time I’ll be in the process of doing or learning something and give you (the readers) the play by play. Hopefully this will give you a thorough idea of what it takes to learn a specific skill or implement a certain strategy. You’ll also be able to see my F-ups and not (hopefully) make them yourself….you’re welcome in advance. I’d also like to have series of posts that really dig into the meat of a subject and let you see the inner workings of how a strategy takes shape, is implemented, and works out over time. We’ll see how it goes and make changes as needed.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think, or ask a question, and thanks for being here.

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